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All knitting kits include:

  • Hand-dyed yarn
  • A copy of the pattern - via Ravelry, email or printed
  • A stitch marker
  • An organza drawstring project bag
  • Beaded projects also come with knitting beads

You also have the option to add a set of needles to your kit. The needles (depending on the project) will be a: KnitPro circular needle or a set of KnitPro douple pointed needles.

To purchase a knitting kit:

  1. Choose your pattern
  2. Choose a skein of yarn from the options available in stock and in the same weight required for the pattern (i.e. 4ply, lace or double knit)
  3. Make a note of the yarn colour name and base as this will be required when you place your order
  4. Choose your pattern format - if you request for the pattern to be e-mailed or sent to your Ravelry please enter your email address / Ravelry user name in the box that appears below the option. If details are not input in this box the order will not go through.

*Colour printed copies of the pattern are provided for an additional £1.50

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