Blocking knitting works magic on your finished projects. It's an extra step to take once your project is off the needles but it really is worth it for a smooth and professional finish to your pieces.

Blocking can even out stitches, smooth out any lumps and bumps, improve drape, set any shaping such as picots or scallops, set your knits to their finished dimensions.

How to Block your Knitting

In this video I am blocking the Stargazer shawl

To block your knitting you will need:

  • Blocking, T-pins or Rust Proof Pins
  • Blocking Wires (optional)
  • A bowl
  • Wool Wash or a drop of mild shampoo
  • Blocking mats or a flat cushioned surface
  • Clean towels

Add a drop of wool wash or mild shampoo to the bowl. Fill the bowl with lukewarm water and put your project into soak for about 10 mins. Whilst your project is soaking you can prepare your blocking area with mats or towels.

After 10 mins, take your project and gently squeeze out any extra water. Lay out thick, clean towels and place your project on top, before rolling up to soak up any excess moisture.

Lay the project out flat, in the rough shape that you want to block it in. Use wires or pins to set out any straight edges, working to final dimensions if you have have them. Draw out any shaped, scalloped or picot edges and pin these into place. Leave to dry.