Pattern Specific Tutorials

Here you can find links to pattern specific tutorials, including:

What's New Pussycat

  • How to add the Nose Bead


  • How to work the Dropstitch
  • How to work the Picot Bind Off

What's New Pussycat - Adding the Nose Bead

This tutorial show how to add the nose bead to the What's New Pussycat pattern.

For more details of the pattern please visit the pattern page HERE





Upstream Shawl - Drop Stitch

To work the drop stitch

1) Follow the pattern to the point where you make the drop stitch

2) Drop the next stitch off the needle and unravel to the previously made yarnover



Upstream Shawl - Picot Bind Off

This tutorial shows you how to work the Upstream Shawl Picot Bind Off

Set Up: Bind off 4 sts as follows:
• K2tog-tbl. Slip the stitch just made back to the LH needle purlwise – repeat 3 times
Step 2: Cast on 3 sts using the knitted cast on
Step 3: K3, k2tog-tbl. Turn work
Step 4: P2, p2tog. Turn work
Step 5: K2, k2tog-tbl. Turn work
Step 6: P1, p2tog. Turn work
Step 7: K1, k2tog-tbl. Turn work
Step 8: P2tog. Turn work
Step 9: Bind off 6 sts as per the instructions in step 1
Repeat Steps 2 – 9 to the last 4 sts. Bind these off as per step 1. For the last st, cut the yarn and pull this through to close.