You can add beads to knitting in a variety of ways, some like to thread them onto the yarn first and bring them into play as required, but I like to add them using a small crochet hook. 

This way the bead is pulled right over the stitch so it sits nice and straight and also there is less wear and tear on the yarn.

Adding Beads

In this tutorial, beads are being added to the wrong side of the knitting. I am using size 6 (4mm) beads and a 0.75mm crochet hook.

1. Work to where you need to place your bead

2. Pick up a bead with a small crochet hook

3. Keeping the bead on the crochet hook, use the hook to lift the next stitch off the left hand needle

4. Slide the bead over the yarn loop on the hook.

5. Pull the bead down to leave a stitch sized loop and place this back on left hand needle.

5. Purl or knit this beaded stitch as per the pattern instructions

6. Continue with your pattern and repeat these steps for each bead placement