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Unless otherwise specified each collection includes mixed clasps including leverback, fixed ring, lightbulb and lobster claw making them suitable for a variety of projects. The different clasps have different uses:

Fixed ring markers are not removeable and these are handy if you are working with pattern repeats as you can put a marker after each repeat. They act as dividers between each repeat so you can easily check your stitch counts as you work and identify quickly if your stitch counts aren't adding up.

Leverback and lightbulb makers can be used in the same way as fixed ring markers, but are also removeable. If you are working a reversable or garter stitch project you can attach a marker to a stitch on the right side of your knitting, and move it up as the knitting grows. 

Lobster Claw markers have a much smaller ring diameter so are more suited to smaller needles. They work well for sock knitting to mark the start of a round, and they are removable too. These markers are ideal for catching any dropped stitches. If you spot a dropped stitch in your knitting you can secure it with a lobster claw and then when you reach that point on the next row or round you can go ahead and pick up your dropped stitch.

All stitch marker collections come in a handy little tin for storage.