Let the Yarn Shine Sock Tutorials

In order to follow these videos you will need a copy of the Let the Yarn Shine Sock Pattern.

You will also need:

  • A skein of 4ply or sock yarn - 100g / 400m
  • A set of 2.5mm double pointed needles
  • A Stitch Marker (optional)
  • A tapestry needle

You can buy a kit for the pattern using the button below.

Download the Let the Yarn Shine Sock Pattern

Introduction to Sock Knitting

Join me as I say Hello and talk about what's in store as you knit the Let the Yarn Shine sock pattern. See how the socks are constructed, and get some handy tips on choosing your needles and yarn.

Video 1: Casting On (02:33)

Casting on the stitches. I recommend using a long tail cast on for the stitches as it's nice and stretchy. A tutorial for the long tail cast on can be found here.

Video 2: Dividing the Stitches Over the Dpns (06:20)

Now that you have the stitches on the needle we are going to divide them over the other 2 dpns and then join them and knit the first round.

Video 3: Knitting the Cuff (02:44)

Now we can start knitting our sock, starting with the ribbed cuff at the top.

Video 4: Knitting the Leg (02:05)

Hopefully by this part you are now comfortable with knitting in the round, so this section is a nice, easy stretch of knitting all the way to the top of the heel.

Video 5: Heel Setup (03:13)

This is where things start to get interesting as we divide the stitches in preperation for knitting the heel flap.

Video 6: Working the Slip Stitch Heel Flap (04:17)

The heel section is knitted back and forth on 2 needles, using a simple slip stitch pattern to strengthen the fabric.

Video 7: Turning the Heel (05:31)

Now comes the magic part - turning the heel!

Video 8: Picking up the Stitches for the Gusset (08:34)

Next we will be picking up all of the stitches and getting back to working in the round.

Video 9: Working the Gusset Decreases (04:25)

Here we will be working some decreases down the side of the sock to create the gusset section.

Video 10: Knitting the Foot (01:40)

Now that all of the heel shaping has been done, you can sit back and relax as you knit the foot all the way to the top of the toes.

Video 11: Shaping the Toes (05:31)

Not long to go now! The final section of knitting is to work some decrease stitches to create the curved end of the sock.

Video 12: Closing the Toes with Kitchener Stitch (08:09)

To finish the sock and close the toes we need to graft the 2 sets of live stitches together with Kitchener Stitch.

Video 13: Blocking your Socks (03:20)

Once you have finished both socks you can give them a block them for a nice, smooth finish.

I hope you enjoyed knitting these socks! Why not put your new knitting skills into practice and take a look at some of the other sock patterns available in the shop. All patterns follow the same construction as Let the Yarn Shine so you can easily refer back to the videos for each stage if you need to. 

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