Free Learn to Knit Course

This free course is your chance to try your hand at knitting.

You will learn:

  • How to cast stitches onto your needle
  • How to work the Knit Stitch
  • How to work the Purl Stitch
  • How to use Knit and Purl stitches to create different patterns
  • How to bind off your work

To get started, I recommend using a pair of 4mm needles and a ball of Double Knit (DK) yarn.

The videos are also supported by PDF Instructions

Video 1: Making a Slipknot (0:45)

See how to make a slipknot to get your first stitch onto the needle

Video 2: Backwards Loop Cast On (01:42)

Now that you have the first stitch on the needle, we need to cast on some more. We are going to cast the rest of our stitches onto the needle using the Backwards Loop cast on.

Video 3: The Knit Stitch (05:11)

Now comes the fun part – we are going to knit the first row!

Video 4: The Purl Stitch (06:18)

Now that you have mastered the knit stitch, let’s move on to Purling.

Video 5: Knit and Purl Stitch Patterns (07:06)

Now that you can knit and purl, there are so many stitch patterns that you can create using just these two stitches. Let's take a look at some examples you can try.

Video 6: Binding Off (02:22)

To bind the stitches off the needles we are going to work the Knitted Bind-Off.

I hope you enjoyed learning to knit! Why not put your new knitting skills into practice with the Coffee Shop cowl which is available as a free download.

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