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The RiverRay wrap is now available to download directly from the website and Ravelry!


This pattern spent a long time without a name. As I was knitting it, the stitch pattern was making me think of a rippling stream, so this was always in the back of my mind.

The idea for this wrap was to use two sock-blank fades which both start off dark in colour but slowly transition to the natural yarn colour as you knit them. The wrap starts by casting on the first colour at the darkest end and then knitting on the bias which creates this lovely horizontal stockinette and lace wave pattern. If you are familiar with my designs you may recognise this stitch pattern from ‘Reach for the Stars’ or ‘Lasso the Moon’, the stitch pattern is the same for this wrap. If you are new to knitting lace, a video tutorial on how to work the [yo, k2tog] stitch combination can be found by visiting

Once you reach the end of the first blank, the next one is cast on from the lightest point. So in the centre you get a lovely pool of light yarn, and when the wrap was on the blocking mats it looked like a ray of sunshine was shining across the middle – so the name became the RiverRay Wrap!

Instead of using sock blanks, you could use 2 x skeins of 4ply sock yarn at 400-425m per skein, or ten mini skeins at 20g / 85m per skein. The wrap would work beautifully with 2 x sets of 5 gradient mini skeins fading into each other.

I used mini-skeins for the pink and blue version shown below. You can see here that the wrap also doubles up as a lovely scarf or a big, cozy cowl!

Whatever yarns you decide to use, the end result is a large, versatile wrap or scarf which will keep you as warm as a ray of sunshine wherever you go.

Download RiverRay from the Website

Download RiverRay from Ravelry

RiverRay (1)

RiverRay Wrap Kit

Kits are available for the RiverRay wrap with everything you need for the project.

The kit includes 2 Fade Sock Blanks. Each blank has the same yardage as a 100g skein of Chora Sock yarn (75% Superwash Merino / 25% nylon) at 425m.

The kit also includes a copy of the pattern, either digital or printed and posted.

Buy a RiverRay Wrap Kit

Knitted wrap pattern kit

The pattern has been professionally tech edited by Julia Targett and was tested by a fantastic group of test knitters too!

Thank you Donna, Fabiana, Hazel, Mel, Pat, Sabina and Sharon.

RiverRay Test 

Here's what they had to say about this pattern: 

“This is such a satisfying knit. Once you get on to the main body of the wrap, you can get in to a groove and the rows just fly by, and the finished product is just wonderful!” – Sabina

“Lovely well-written pattern. Easily memorised for holiday travel knitting. Perfect pleasure / leisure pattern” - Hazel

“Lovely size shawl / wrap and unusual as it looks like its worked on the straight but with the diagonal, it looks more complicated than it was” – Melanie

“The pattern is well written and easy to get into a rhythm when you are on the even section of the shawl. I love the outcome of the pattern” – Pat

“Once again, a very well written and easy to follow pattern. Your knits are a pleasure to test and Knit” – Donna

 And if you want to find out more about this design you can watch the latest YouTube episode where I talk about the pattern, using sock blanks and how you can easily adjust the pattern to make the most of your yarn.

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