Cambridge Craft Fair is Coming!

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Save the Date! Knitting Needle Lane and I are proud to announce Cambridge’s brand new online craft festival on 5th June!

Vendor Applicants are welcome to apply - if you are a maker/crafter and would like to get involved please head to the website to find out how! We would be delighted to have you onboard this brand new exciting virtual Instagram event - which fingers crossed will be an actual real life event when times are safer.

So if you knit - crochet - dye yarn - make clothes - create candles any type of craft and own an independent business bricks & mortar or online please join us !

Head on over to @cambridgecraftfestival on Instagram and give the page a Follow to stay up to date on all the latest news and spread the online word !

Applications are open until 31st March.

Email  [email protected] to apply for your spot.

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