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Category: Shop Update

  1. Meet the New Peristera Lace Yarn!

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    This week I'm excited to let you know that there is a new yarn now available in the shop. This is the Peristera Lace Yarn.

    This lace yarn is a sumptuous mix of blue-faced Leicester wool and soft silk. It is named after Peristera, an uninhabited island in the Sporades, Greece, with a rugged landscape rich in natural colours and surrounded by crystal clear, deep waters. When this yarn is dyed the colours take on a beautiful shimmer and shine, just like the still waters reflecting the colours of Peristera.

    If you enjoy knitting lace shawls then this yarn comes highly recommended. You get all the stitch definition, drape and warmth from the Blue-faced Leicester, coupled with the sheen and softness of the silk. It's a winning combination!

    Each skein is 656 yds / 600m of 55% Superwash Blue-faced Leicester wool and 45% Silk. There are a number of pre-dyed colours available on the website, or you can choose to have your own custom dye in any of the custom dye colours listed on the website.

    This yarn would work beautifully for the Beauty of the Rain, the Moon and the Sky, or the View from the Spire shawls, and it has been added as an option for all of these shawl kits too.

    View the range of Peristera lace yarn here
    There are some lovely bead colours available to pair with this yarn. If you would like any help or advice on colours please drop me a message and I would be happy to send you some pictures of yarn and bead combos.

    View the range of size 8 Muyiki seed beads here
    Thanks for stopping by, have a great week, and until next time - happy knitting! 
  2. More New Stitch Marker Collections

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    The recent launch of the stitch marker collections on the website proved very popular, and thanks to customer suggestions I am very excited to share with you some more collections added to the shop this week. Check out the themed tins of music, baby, dog and sewing stitch markers!

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    Stitch markers are very handy when it comes to keeping track of pattern repeats, or for marking the the start of a round. They act as little reminders in your knitting, and they look very sweet too! 

    Sew Crafty - whether you like your stitches on your needles or on fabric you can have the best of both worlds with this crafty collection of sewing themed markers. Each set of 5 markers includes: a vintage sewing machine, a pair of scissors, a reel of thread, a tape measure and a button.

    Dog Markers- add some woof to your wool with these cute canine markers. Each set of 6 features a bone, a dog bowl, a sitting dog, a paw print, a standing dog, and a dog person charm.

    Pitter Patter - this collection would make the perfect gift for any crafty mum-to-be. This cute bundle of 7 baby themed markers includes a highchair, a pram, a stork and baby, a dummy, a building block, a bottle and some teeny tiny footprints.

    Strike up the Band - add some music to your stitches! This set of 7 musical markers includes an acoustic guitar, a keyboard, a treble clef, a drum kit, an electric guitar, a microphone and a crotchet.

    All collections are presented in pretty little tin for safe storage.

    There is an option at the checkout to choose which clasps you would prefer for your markers. You can choose a fixed ring option (suitable for needles up to 5mm) or you can have a range which will include leverback, lobster, fixed ring and lightbulb*, making them suitable for all kinds of projects.

    If you have a particular favourite type of clasp then this can also be noted at the checkout and I can tailor the clasps to your preference.

    *If you would like more information on how to use stitch markers and the different types of clasps and their uses you can find this on the website. Click HERE for more information and to view the full range available.