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  1. I've been busy working on some new Knitting products for the website and I'm pleased to share them with you today!

    Kitchener Stitch Fob

    Now I don't know about you, but no matter how many pairs of socks I knit, I always have to look up how to work the Kitchener Stitch when it comes to closing the toe. So here is the Kitchener Stitch reminder fob!

    If you're not familiar with Kitchener Stitch, it is a sewn bind off used to graft the 2 sets of live stitches together. It can be used in many projects and is often used to close the toes on top down socks.

    This sock shaped fob acts as a reminder on how to work the bind-off as there are a few steps involved. A full video tutorial on how to work the Kitchener Stitch can be found here

    The fob is made from sturdy plywood and is a really useful tool to have in your project bag, you can clip it to the zip or just keep it handy in your notions pouch so it's there exactly when you need it.

    Shop for the Kitchener Stitch Reminder Fob


    Reminder Stitch Markers

    Have you ever started a reversible project and forgotten which is the Right Side? Or worked on a project with lots on increases and decreases to keep track of?

    This collection of 7 'Reminder' stitch markers are super handy to have in your project bag. They can be attached to your knitting and are particularly useful when knitting garments or items that involve shaping as you can place the relevant markers at the sides of the work to remind you where to make your increases and decreases. 

    The markers come with a lightbulb clasp so you can easily attach and detatch them to your work to mark certain actions. And as they are made from sturdy but light plywood with a hand-sanded finish, the markers will not snag or tug on your stitches.

    The abbreviations are:

    • bor - beginning of round
    • RS - Right side 
    • m1l - make 1 left increase
    • m1r - make 1 right increase
    • yarnover increase
    • k2tog - knit 2 together decrease
    • ssk - slip, slip knit decrease

    As with all UtOTK stitch marker collections, these come presented in a pretty little tin for storage.

    Shop for the Reminder Stitch Markers

    I'm working on a few more products for the shop so do make sure you are signed up to the newsletter (form below) to be the first to know when they are released!

    Until next time, Happy Knitting!

  2. I have a new cowl pattern available! This is the Sandwaves Cowl and it is now available to download from the websiteRavelry and Payhip.

    About the Sandwaves Cowl

    Whether it’s an early morning stroll to awaken the senses, or a quiet eventide contemplation, a winter walk along the beach is always a good opportunity to take stock and hit refresh. The crisp fresh air keeps us in the moment, while gazing toward the horizon remind us to hold on to our dreams for tomorrow. 

    The Sandwaves Cowl is the perfect companion for your winter walks. Deep ribbing at the top and bottom mimics the long shadows of winter and winding cables form waves like the traces left in soft sand at low tide.

    The cowl is worked in the round with chunky yarn, making this a quick knit. Good for the advanced beginner, this would be a nice introduction to cable knitting. Choose a smooth yarn in a solid or semi-solid colour to best show off the texture. 
    And the best part? The pattern uses only two cable stitches, the 2/2 LPC (2 over 2 left purl cross) and the 2/2 RPC (2 over 2 right purl cross) and these can easily be done without the use of a cable needle. Video tutorials can be found here and are also linked in the pattern.

    The pattern has been tech edited and test knitted too. Some of my testers made a couple from the pattern, and I've made 3 myself so its a good one to have in your library for when you fancy a quick satisfying project - and they make great gifts too!
    Visit the pattern page HERE for more details and to download.

    The pattern has been professionally tech edited by James Bartley and was tested by a fantastic group of test knitters too! 

    Thank you Donna, Fabiana, Jacqueline, Joanne, Karen and Yvette!
    If you are interested in test knitting a future Under the Olive Tree Knits designs you can sign up to my Test Knitter Newsletter HERE and receive an e-mail when a new pattern is ready for testing.
    Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like the new pattern! If you make this cowl do come and share your progress and photos in our friendly Facebook Group - Under the Olive Tree Knitters - I'd love to see it!

    Until next time, happy knitting,