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These patterns are a good introduction into a new technique:

Let the Yarn Shine Socks - Learn sock knitting with this beginner sock pattern which includes video tutorials from start to finish. For more information on what's involved with sock knitting take a look at the 'Learn to Knit Socks' page.

Chain Reaction Shawl - Learn to knit backwards!

Dappled Days Shawl - Learn to knit lace and read knitting charts.

This pattern is a great introduction into lace knitting as lace section expands on the techniques used in the previous one. Between each section is a stripe of simple garter stitch which provides a nice stretch of eay knitting before starting the lace again. The pattern also includes a tutorial on how to read knitting charts. You'll see why charts are a game changer when it comes to knitting lace!

Sandwaves Cowl - Learn how to knit Cables.

Sparkling Spruce Shawl - Learn how to add beads to your knitting.

Ten of Diamonds - Learn Cable and Mosaic Knitting.

Mosaic knitting is a technique where you use 2 colours and slipped stitches to create shapes and patterns. With this pattern, you also use cable stitches to create the diagonal lines of the design.

Tequila Sunset - Learn Intarsia Knitting

Intarsia is a colourwork technique where you knit different blocks of colour using seperate balls of yarn.

Upstream - Drop stitches. On purpose!

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