Skill Level - Shop

Unsure which pattern is right for you? You can explore the patterns at skill level. These levels are just guidelines and remember that all patterns include video tutorials for the stitches and techniques used, so even if it hasn't been long since you picked up the needles, don't let that stop you from jumping in and learning something new!

Beginner - patterns for those comfortable with Knit and Purl Stitches.

Adventurous Beginner - Patterns for the beginner looking to take the next steps beyond knit and purl.

Try Something New - Projects that explore a specific technique such as lace, cables, mosiac knitting or beginner sock knitting.

Intermediate - Patterns for those comfortable with different techniques and are looking for a relaxing and enjoyable project to knit.

Advanced - Patterns suitable for established knitters. These are lace patterns that require a little extra concentration due to complexity or changing stitch counts.