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  1. My new shawl pattern Upstream is now available on Ravelry and on the website HERE

    Pattern Pic

    Upstream is a lightweight asymmetrical shawl and the pattern is deceptively easy, there are no complicated lace stitches involved, it’s all just knit and purl stitches with the occasional drop stitch which is done on purpose to create the wavy shaping. 

    The shawl combines knit and purl stitches which give it a lovely texture, and it is reversible too!

    The picot edges of the shawl are created by casting off stitches at the start of a row on one side, and by a bind off at the end. The pattern is supported by video tutorial which walks through how to do this step-by-step.

    The pattern is designed to showcase a sock blank gradient or pretty skein of 4 ply sock yarn. I would recommend using a yarn that has a range of similar colours, as the drop stitch pattern could get lost in a busy yarn. It looks fantastic in a solid yarn too as my testers can testify.

    Tests PDF

    Thank you to Jo, Anna, Meghan, Dari and Clau for such a brilliant job with the test knits. And to Allison at Kniterations  for tech editing the pattern.

    The pattern version of the Upstream shawl was knit from a sock blank, which if you haven't used one before is a rather fun way to knit up a gradient. The blank is dyed 'pre-knitted' so all you have to do is untie the end attached to the label and unravel the blank as you knit!
    Blocking your finished knit from a sock blank is highly recommended as this will remove any kinks in the yarn. There are a couple of skeins of the Aquamarine gradient currently available in the shop as well and some others too. 


    You can view the shop page HERE

    Below is a video of the Upstream Shawl as it was being knitted up. For full details of the pattern visit the pattern page HERE

    Start at

  2. In July I released a beginner sock pattern, with step-by-step photo tutorials for each step of sock knitting. I am happy to say that the pattern has recently been updated with links to video tutorials too!

    This pattern now includes video tutorials for:

    • Dividing stitches over double pointed needles
    • Working the slip stitch heel flap
    • Picking up the heel gusset slip stitches
    • Kitchener stitch to close the toe

    If you have never knit socks before or are looking for an easily adaptable pattern then this one is for you. It is designed to showcase a lovely skein of variegated, colourful yarn - hence the name!

    LTYS Socks

    The pattern has 3 sizes for an adult sock, with details on how to customise for the perfect fit. All you need is a skein of 4ply or fingering yarn (it is recommended that you use a yarn with some nylon content for durability) and a set of 2.5mm double pointed needles. Plus a stitch marker and a tapestry needle.

    Full details can be found on the pattern page >>HERE<<, or on Ravelry - 

    Keep them in a small project bag and socks are the perfect portable project. The leg and the foot sections can be knit with ease at knit night or whilst Netflix and knitting. The heel and toe sections require a little more concentration but there's a great deal of satisfaction to be had from turning a heel!

    And once you have finished, there is something very luxurious about slipping on a pair of hand-knit socks and admiring your handiwork.

    Check out the video below for a slideshow on the different stages of sock knitting!

    And if you are looking for the perfect yarn for your new socks then check out the skeins of hand-dyed merino/nylon blend yarn recently added to the shop. Here are just a few....


    So if you, or someone you know is looking to try their hand at sock knitting then please do spread the word!

    Until next time, happy knitting!